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Tender Management

Hantal has extensive experience in managing tenders for the business and public sector. We accompany the tender throughout the process and maintain a direct communication with the appropriate professional, economic and legal factors. The tender management includes a characterization of the required services, determining the prerequisites for participation in the tender, consolidation of execution specifications and determining the terms for selecting the winning entity. After the tender is published all the offers are gathered and the process of examining them according to the criteria determined begins. At the end of the process the material is transferred to the client, appended with a summary of the offers and a recommendation regarding the winning entities.
  Company services in this field:
  • Characterization of required services, consolidation of execution specifications, writing and editing the tender.
  • Consolidating the terms of the tender for selecting the winning entity.
  • Accompaniment and assistance in the tender process up to the selection of winners.
  • Ongoing inspection and control of the winners’ activity.