Hantal | Fields of Activity

Industrial engineering, planning, Organization
and Methods
Logistics Tender Management Information systems Vehicle and maintenance Commercial Real Estate


Hantal specializes in providing a full and comprehensive response in managing the supply chain and managing and operating the organization’s logistical arrangement. Planning a logistical center- a warehouse and/or logistical arrangement including, among others, the allocation of areas for logistical activity, defining the volumes and method of storage, planning the various forms of shelving in accordance with the characteristics of the items and activity, determining locating methods, adjusting the method of physical handling, storage and warehouse flow. Reception from suppliers, gathering and preparation of orders, defining work processes and internal controls. In addition, determining the model for future inventory provision, purchasing and cataloging methods. Characterization of information need and assistance in choosing the logistical information system.
  Company services in this field:
  • Planning of logistical systems.
  • Planning and accompanying the building
    of warehouses and logistical centers.
  • Defining and improving logistical work processes all along the supply chain.
  • Defining the model for inventory provision and management and/or upgrading the existing inventory model.
  • Defining processes for the management and execution of purchasing.
  • Characterization of informational needs and the logistical information system for the organization.
  • Cataloging methods.