Hantal | Fields of Activity

Industrial engineering, planning, Organization
and Methods
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Industrial engineering, planning,
Organization and Methods

The business world is constantly changing. It is a competitive world in an environment of uncertainty, but also a fascinating world ruled by entrepreneurship, creativity and the drive for excellence.
Hantal specializes in providing industrial engineering
and management services, and organizational consulting to business and public organizations at all levels of the organization, with the goal of transforming the organization into a leader in its field.

Hantal provides a variety of solutions fully tailored to the organization’s needs.
  Company services in this field:
  • Production management and planning of production lines.
  • Organization, planning and improvement of processes and work methods.
  • Functional organization, preparation of characteristics and programs.
  • Procedures and standardization.
  • Incentive pay.
  • Managerial and organizational consulting.
  • Project management.
  • Defining goals, targets and control indexes for the organization.